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Sep 17, 2010 | Football

No decision on T.J. Pryor has been made yet. He has been improving over the week, adding a little bit to his workouts each day. Thursday was going to be the day to see if he could put it all together and play this weekend. They may not push him to much considering they have a bye week after the Chattanooga game.

Brendon Gregory has been taking a lot of reps this week in practice in case Pryor can’t go.

Jordan Dalrymple was sick during the Louisville game but is back at 100 percent now.

Hood said he thinks the three toughest games they will play all year are the first three with maybe the exception of Jacksonville State.

Justin Bell is still in limbo but it doesn’t look good. Hood doesn’t expect him to play this year.

Chris Krack will be back this weekend after sitting out for a 1 game suspension for violating team rules.

Ronnie Letcher has been suspended indefinitely. Don’t know how many games and it’s a wait and see approach. Coach said that we don’t condone his actions.

Coach said he has been pleased with the improvement of the offensive line this year. He said his gut tells him they will be ok and that they are playing some tough competition right now.

Looking at the rest of the OVC, Hood said he felt good since EKU was the team that had their quarterback back. EIU lost Jake Christensen, Jacksonville State lost Ryan Perrilloux and Cade Thompson at UT Martin.


You can hear the complete audio of Coach Hood’s luncheon here.

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