Maroon Nation is the site for all Eastern Kentucky University Colonel fans to come together and celebrate Colonel Athletics. Created in August of 2010, the site quickly grew to over 100 members in the first couple of months and is now over 200 members.
So far in 2014, the forum averaged over 4,000 visits a month with close to 900 visits of the visits coming from the Madison County area.
If you add in the Lexington metro area the number increases to almost 2,000 visits a month. Over 84% of the visitors are returning visitors.
But your ad would not only be seen by local residents, your ad would also be seen by potential visitors coming into the Richmond area to see their team play the Colonels.
Over the same time period, the site had visits from Kentucky cities like Morehead and Murray but also other OVC cities like Nashville and Cookeville Tennessee, and Jacksonville, Ala. If you are interested in advertising, please fill out the form below and we will get back in contact with you.

Payment to be made one month or year in advance of ad appearing on website.