October, 2018...

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Eternal Colonel
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October, 2018...

Post by Eternal Colonel » Sun Oct 08, 2017 12:41 pm

...I'm terribly afraid we're going to be here bitching about the same
mess we're talking about today.

Worse yet, it's 100% assured the same leadership that's brought us
to this place will be oblivious to the situation-or incapable of doing
anything about it. And yes, EKU has the largest athletic budget
in the OVC for them to work with.

Who remembers going to our stadium KNOWING we would win ?

Who remembers the pride of being an EKU alum when the
topic became football ?

Who remembers going on the road KNOWING we'd own the
home stadium by day's end ?

Who remembers when we "owned" WKU and MTSU ?

We all remember these things and sadly, I have no idea
when we'll have a winning season, let alone a conference
title, which used to be a given.

I spent time on YouTube watching the Coach Kidd interviews
and highlights from our glory days and it just makes
me more angry realizing what has happened to this once
glorious program.

To all of you who continue to attend home and away games,
I salute you; and to those who support financially, you have
my enduring respect.

I only wish we had leadership worthy of your support.

Colonel Grad
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Re: October, 2018...

Post by Colonel Grad » Sun Oct 08, 2017 6:20 pm

I'm not saying your are wrong about any of your comments, but I think it is important to make a distinction here.

You may be right, the current leadership (Turner/Benson/Lochmueller/Elder/Assistants) might not be able to get the job done in returning EKU to national relevance, or at this point even conference relevance. I think it's too early to draw a definitive conclusion, but evidence is certainly starting to mount against them.

But no one at EKU right now is responsible for the fall from national relevance that took place. EKU was not nationally relevant long before any of these folks took leadership spots at EKU. That blame can only be attributed to the leaders in the 1990s -- the boards of regents, presidents Funderburk and Kustra, ADs Ball and Long, and too some degree coach Kidd himself.

EKU's last victory in a playoff game wasn't the year before Mark Elder became coach, it was in 1994.

The landscape of I-AA football changed in the 1990's and EKU didn't keep up. The team didn't even make the playoffs the final five seasons of coach Kidd's tenure. If one of the greatest coaches in the history of college football couldn't get the team in the playoffs, that says something about the change in the game and the lack of the administration at EKU adapting to the change.

I will also add this, as fans we share in the responsibility of getting the program back to where we want it to be. I-AA teams can no longer count on state resources being enough. For a lack of a better term, we have to put up or shut up. If you are a Colonel football fan and you are not contributing to some degree financially, then you're not helping the Colonels get to where you want them to be.

Eternal Colonel
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Re: October, 2018...

Post by Eternal Colonel » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:51 am

...you're right on all accounts.

I'll never forget a conversation I had with a Marshall booster
in Huntington around '87 or '88. He complimented our program
and said he enjoyed our rivalry. He then said, "we're going to
win 1-AA Championships routinely and we're going to move
to Division 1-A and win there, too."

I though he was crazy as Hell, but he was proven correct.

I moved to Bowling Green in '93 and couldn't believe how
each evening's sports reports were laden with WKU Football
news-including check presentations from alumni with a
beaming Jack Harbaugh front and center. We know the
results too; a winning streak over us and a National Title
in 2002 before leaving FCS.

Both programs play in Conference USA, have had coaches
such as Jim Donnan, Bob Prewitt, Bob Petrino and Jeff

Their athletic budgets dwarf our own.

We all know our EKU history here; it's an embarrassment
that we took so long to realize we really weren't being
led effectively or for the long haul.

We'll see where we are in October, '18.

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